Fostering Puppies

When we first embarked on our journey to begin fostering puppies, we didn’t know anything about the process. I am fortunate to have an amazing human being, Laura Labelle from, as a friend. She works tirelessly to rescue and foster dogs to give them an opportunity for a better life. Another friend who works for LA Animal Rescue, Tee Sorge, has been a great foster mentor for me. These ladies among many others, work very hard to save and help facilitate the adoption of as many animals as they can. There are many resources available in your own community to get guidance if you decide to begin this fulfilling journey. Please go to for more tips on fostering as well as locating you local rescue shelter. Also, and are great resources in the Los Angeles area.

People often ask me how I can keep these beautiful tiny creatures for 2-6 weeks and then give them up. The answer is very simply, “it’s not easy.” Just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. According to the ASPCA, over 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters annually. Of these, an astounding 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats are put down annually. Fostering frees up space that can be used by another animal in need. Also, it’s very rewarding to know the little puppy I loved and cared for has gone on to a loving ‘forever home’ to bring years of joy and happiness to another.

Most rescues will provide everything you need to care for your foster and will also find a forever home for them. All you have to do is provide a temporary home of love.
If you are not able to foster, you can also check with your local rescue or shelter to volunteer your time. Many places are in need of old blankets, food, toys or someone to walk the dogs. I take my kids to our local pet shops and ask for food and toy donations for our local animal hospital. Everything helps no matter how small. Through fostering, my kids are learning the virtues of selfless love and what it means to care for another being, even if that being doesn’t belong to you!

To see some picture of our current and past foster babies, please follow us on Instagram @puppiesnfriends.

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