Daal Tarka (Lentils Soup with Spices)

On a cold, rainy day a hearty soup is exactly what I need. This is the most commonly used method of cooking Daal in most Indian households.  My grandmother and her grandmother before her, and her’s before her, has made it in the pretty much the same way.  I like to use yellow split lentils […]

Brussels Sprouts with Coriander Seeds

Kick your Brussels sprouts’ up a notch by adding crushed coriander seeds!  Coriander is the seed part of the cilantro plant.  These little babies contain an ample amount of the antioxidant vitamin C,  as well as the many vital B-complex vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.  The delicious and vibrant favor will give your Brussels sprouts a […]