Find Your Purpose and Gift it Away


Welcome to Arch’s Kitchen!  We believe that the meaning of life is to find your passion and share it with the world.  Our passion is the pursuit of a plant-based, sustainable, well-being.  Plants have the power to heal, nourish and rejuvenate us, and we believe that in order to live a healthy and holistic life, no sentient beings need to suffer.  Therefore all our products are always cruelty-free and create minimal waste.

Our meals are always created with the freshest, seasonal, organic, nutrient dense foods.  Since 70% of our health lives in our gut, we use herbs and spices to ensure maximum digestibility and gut health. 

Our tisane or herbal teas are carefully curated with single source herbs, berries, plants, flowers and spices.  We use minimal packaging to ensure Mother Earth is also happy.

We combine nutrition science with traditional healing wisdom of Ayurveda.